A Return To Forum Roleplaying

When I was around the age of twelve, I discovered a hobby that brought me great joy: forum roleplaying. I started out on a very lax forum called Tokyo Mew Mew Power RPG. I stumbled upon this site completely by accident. Before my roleplaying days, I used the internet mostly to play dress up games and MMORPGs, but once I fell down the rabbit hole of forum roleplaying, it was all I did. I loved playing characters that were vastly different from myself. It gave me a chance to be the person I wanted to be, without the fear of facing cruel reality.

Sadly, when I was around fifteen, I started gaining friends in the real world, and even a relationship. I quickly forgot about forum roleplaying, and started living my life in the real world. Like all good things in my life, this was doomed to come to an end. The realization that my friends all secretly hated me because I was just another friend’s little sister that stuck around after he left. Then there was the ordeal of my relationship, which lasted exactly one year, one month, and four days. I was torn apart for quite some time. I remember crying for at least a solid four months. I stupidly stuck around everyone else because I didn’t want to go back to the days of being alone. I also stayed connected to my ex for over another year, like a painful friends-with-benefits situation where one party caught the feels along time ago.

I’ve gotten over this now, though. I’m still not completely a normal person again, not that I ever was before. My grades have greatly dropped, my family thinks I’m insane, and my doctor put me on Prozac. But it’s all okay because I’ve found things that I can enjoy again. I have found two wonderful friends that get me in every single way. The three of us are practically the same person, and I’m so grateful to have finally found the, lasting friendships.

Along with the healing magic of friendship, I’ve also rediscovered my old love affair with forum roleplaying. Sadly, many of the old websites that I frequented have since closed down due lack of interest from the administrators or a sudden death of member activity. I set out on a quest to find new havens for my imagination to live in. While searching the advertisement threads on the Proboards support page, I discovered Realm of Ulster. It is a relatively new forum with an insanely kind staff. The plot is set in an fictitious world, similar to the medieval time period in Europe. There is an excellent banking system set up, and a wonderfully complex title system for characters. I strongly urge you to join us. The forum has few members at this point, but there s room for plenty. I look forward to seeing you there!

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